Brand identity

The brand identity, a graphic representation of your company, creates the most important connection with your customers/audience. It differentiates your company from other competitors, a standout brand identity guarantees that customers will remember you. It also helps delivering your objectives to your clients. Once your logo has been designed, it can been applied on business cards, letterhead, even on your website.


A logo is a graphic mark, symbol or emblem, a simple and unique artwork that helps and promotes instant recognition of a company. A good logo - an interesting and imaginative combination of graphic elements, colors and letters - makes your business visible and unforgettable. A logo is part of the brand identity, and it also appears on business cards and other promotional elements, such as the company’s website.

Web design

Why do you need a website? Websites are easily accessible 24 hours per day, with one click, even on mobile devices. A good website provides a lot of information to your potential customers, and at the same time it is a cheap and effective advertising platform, helps make a connection between your business and your clients. I design your website, or, if you want, redesign a WordPress theme to your site and to your web shop, too.


We can discuss your expectations about your brand identity/logo/ website over a cup a coffee.


  My name is Annamária Trnka and I keep drawing under three birch trees. Together we can build the brand identity or website of your company step by step. First of all, you have to specify your expectations about your logo or brand design in a face-to-face meeting, where we together write a brief of your product. I offer personal pricing, and if you accept the price, we sign the contract. The starting point is the creation of a mood board. With the help of this I can show you the direction taken through the designing process. I will also present a draft and some alternatives. After having received your feedback I will finalize the design. When I have received your payment, I will send you the product in the required file format. If I can help you in creating a design or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. Phone: +36 30 3084840

Trnka Annamaria

There is only one more question left. Why especially three birch trees ("Három Nyírfa")?

In my childhood home, there were three birch trees in the garden. My parents planted them after I was born and I grew up with them. They got bigger and bigger each year, their trunks got thicker and thicker and their seeds were scattered everywhere, when I opened my window they even go into my room. Sometimes I even found them in between my clothes, when I went abroad, these seeds accompanied me. I’m developing just like these trees, and they inspire me every day.